Friday, 21 August 2015

Fangirl Meltdown - Funko POP! Collectibles


Funko POP! collectibles


It's a great way to feed your fandom. Funko POP! figures feature all your favourite characters from movies and tv shows. Have a favourite character? Then it's likely there's an adorable figure of them with an oversized head out there. Here's why I couldn't resist joining in on the POP! craze.

It wasn't exactly love at first sight with Funko's POP! collection. I didn't immediately find a figure that called to me. I recall seeing them in stores and at conventions (eg; FanExpo) and not thinking much of them. I figured they were another new collectible trend that would (probably) die out in a year.

It wasn't until I came across the ballroom Belle and Beast figures from Disney's Beauty and the Beast that I thought "hey, these are cute and awesome. I need these two. They'll look amazing on my bookshelves." I'd only intended to pick up the two, I swear! I wasn't planning on starting a collection (I don't think anyone really thinks they will when they first pick one up) but it was so hard to try to resist purchasing peasant Belle when she was released, and the rest of the Beauty and the Beast cast (we still need a Gaston and LeFou, Funko!) From there my fiance, knowing how much I loved Hello Kitty in high school and college, picked up a Hello Kitty he spotted on sale. She was adorable and ridiculously heavy but she earned a spot on my shelf regardless.

My collection grew, spanning into GOT (I've got 2 Danys and a Jon Snow), Harry Potter, Supernatural (I am in possession of a cute FBI Dean), and Disney characters and princesses (my favourites being glass slipper GusGus and Robin Hood). There's even a Vegeta from DBZ, couldn't resist him because he was my all-time favourite anime character for YEARS (him and Inuyasha, which we also need Funko!) The fun part about collecting POP! figures is the fandom and enjoyment you get out of having a figure of your favourite characters. It cheers me up seeing these guys up on my bookshelves every time I pick up a book or walk into the room.

No matter your fandom you're guaranteed to find at least one you like.

Characters I'd Like to See as POP! Figures:

The Cast of Pretty Little Liars: I've recently started catching up on the series and still find myself loving their unique looks. I'd love an Aria figure for my collection.

Draco Malfoy: Any Harry Potter fans out there disappointed by the lack of Draco in the new POP! release for the film franchise? I'd love a little Draco of my own.

The Cast of The Hunger Games: I'm really surprised the licensing rights for this movie franchise have yet to be acquired by Funko. I expect it will soon so fans can have their own Finnick or Katniss!

Book Characters: The POP! figure universe severely lacks iconic book characters. Wouldn't you love a small Elizabeth Bennet? Maybe a Cinder from the bestselling series The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer? How about a Pip, Sir Lancelot, or Mrs Norris?

More Anime Characters: I'd love to see Inuyasha, Cardcaptor Sakura, Escaflowne (I'll love you forever for a winged Van) and other iconic anime characters as POP! figures. Heck, add Akira into the mix!

My TV Character Wishlist

Once Upon a Time - Emma Swan
Once Upon a Time - Regina (Evil Queen)
Once Upon a Time - Captain Hook
Flash - The Flash
Arrow - The Arrow (masked)
Outlander - Jamie Fraser
Outlander - Claire Randall
Sherlock - Sherlock With Violin
Agent Carter - Agent Peggy Carter

My Disney Character Wishlist

Brave - Merida
Tangled - Rapunzel and Pascal
Snow White - Snow White
The Little Mermaid - Ariel (mermaid)
Cinderella - Cinderella
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Nightshade Sally
Disney - Minnie Mouse 
Disney - Mickey Mouse

Are you a POP! collector? 
Is there another collectible you enjoy?
Let me know in the comments below.
If you like, share a photo of your collection no matter how big or small.

Feel free to post your own meltdown post on your blog. If you do, please share below! I'd love to check out your post. It can be about a book or series, movie, tv show, or a collectible of your choice.

Happy Reading,
Cupcake Queen

(Disclaimer: This post is of the bloggers own words and opinions. No compensation was accepted or received for this post. The blogger simply loves POP! figures.)


  1. I love those little figures. I see them all the time and think they're so fun. You have a big collection Wendy. If I had any I'd post them but I can't seem to find anything I like so much I want to buy.

    1. They're so many and the releases are endless!!
      You just might find something you love sooner than you think =D

  2. HA! Vegeta was my favorite too!
    Nice haul you have there. I also have a Jon and a wedding dress Daeny.
    I wouldn't mind an Inuyasha either.

    1. There's a super saiyan god Goku that I've spotted online and I NEED him!
      The new movie was phenomenal. I'm glad they revamped the series and have more for fans.
      Here he is:

  3. The Death Note cast would be grand! I'd love to have a Kira pop, and L too!
    Well, obviously Near, Misa, Mello...

    And Vampire Knight!
    And Junjo Romantica!

    1. Yes! Junjou Romantica (which is back for a new season btw) and Vampire Knight would be great.
      I wouldn't mind a little L either =)

  4. OUTLANDER! I love that show! The pops are adorable for the series.

    1. I can't find Jamie or Claire anywhere. Might resort to buying them online if I don't spot them soon.

  5. I was like you, at first I had zero interest in the Pops. I saw them here and there and thought they were cute, but I never paid that much attention. Then all of a sudden it seemed like everyone I knew was getting the Harry Potter ones and I was like 'ok well I need THOSE ones'...and then the obsession began lol. I got Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid all at once (btw, in case you didn't know, I saw on the Funko Twitter that they're releasing a second wave of HP characters, so hopefully there'll be a Draco!). Then I got the Sam and Dean Winchester set, and I thought that'd be it for awhile, but then I found an Anna from Frozen for half price and I had to buy her!

    The top one on my wishlist is Robin Hood. Where did you get yours? I'm having a heck of a time finding him but I want him so badly! Other ones high on my wishlist: Friends, Sherlock, Captain Jack Sparrow, Jamie and Claire, and the Beauty and the Beast collection. Pops I'd like to see: characters from Labyrinth!

    1. I picked up Robin at 401 Games here in Toronto. He's so worth it!
      I desperately want Sherlock with Violin, Jamie and Claire but can't find them ANYWHERE! AH!
      A Jareth pop figure would be wonderful. =D

  6. The cast of Vampire Knight and Death Note!
    (Although, the Cinder cast would be boss, too.)