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Fangirl Meltdown - The Sailor Moon Series And Franchise

Sailor Moon. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Bishōjo Senshi Sērāmūn.

It was a big part of my childhood and essentially the first time I was exposed to anime. It influenced much of my childhood, inspired me to be more independent and free-thinking, and pushed me to expect more powerful women on television no matter the format.

In 1995 Sailor Moon made it's way onto Canadian broadcasting channel YTV. I had no knowledge of the show prior and didn't have a clue about it's huge fan base. I was absolutely amazed by the story of everyday teenage girls transforming and defending the world from evil. I wanted a talking cat like Luna and I desperately wanted to be a Sailor Senshi as well (Sailor Scout in the original English dub).

It wasn't just the girls and the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen (Tuxedo Mask) that pulled me into the fandom, it was the very real relationships and struggles the girl dealt with together. Sailor Moon wasn't just a show about girls in sailor outfits saving the day, the characters often struggled with first love, confidence issues, and even life altering decisions about their futures. They worried about real issues, issues you and I would someday in our teen and even adult years would worry about. It felt good knowing that I wasn't the odd person out who wasn't sure about her career after graduation, and it most definitely felt amazing knowing that I wasn't the only person out there who wasn't confident in her abilities. The show even portrayed two incredible LGBT characters, which were unfortunately (and unfairly) re-written for the US/Canada dub.

Recently the Sailor Moon franchise celebrated it's 20th anniversary (has it been that long already?) and with the news of it's anniversary came the ultimate announcement for any Sailor Moon fan - a new series! The new series, titled Sailor Moon Crystal, would be truer to the original manga story line, minus the fillers. When the first episode was released I was thrilled! I felt myself reliving my childhood once again and actually watching the series without any silly name alterations or character changes (although the old series has recently received a new dub). For anyone who has ever wanted to see the series the way it was intended, I would highly recommend you take the time to see Sailor Moon Crystal. I found Sailor Moon Crystal to be incredibly fast paced and true to the manga.

(Vol. 8 & Vol. 12 covers for the new translation of the Sailor Moon manga. Now in stores from Kodansha)

Dramas and Merchandise

The Sailor Moon franchise and fan base has always been more than just the animated show, and unfortunately for yours truly I wasn't exposed to all it's glory until my very late teens. It was then that I learned that there had been musical productions for the franchise, and even a live action drama series starring actors Sawai Miyuu, Izumi Rika, Kitagawa Keiko, Azama Myu, Komatsu Ayaka, and Shibue Joji. I also discovered that there were all sorts of merchandise for the series, merchandise we were never exposed to in Canada. The only merchandise I recall seeing were the dolls (which I proudly owned) and the Halloween costumes (I was the best Sailor Moon ever, I swear).

The Japanese market for Sailor Moon merchandise was, and still continues to be, a Sailor Moon fan's paradise. Fans can have their own transformation brooch that is also a powder makeup compact (need,want,must have). There's also Powerstick perfumes, stuffed Tuxedo Masks, Luna Pens, Moon Rods, lingerie, key chains, and if you're feeling particularly bad ass, even life-sized models of your favourite sailor senshi's powerstick or rod. The merchandise for the series is endless.

Frankly, no matter how much older I get, I doubt I'll ever stop loving Sailor Moon. It was the first television show that ever caught my attention, it's the first show that taught me all about girl power, and it made me feel like I could do anything with just a little (or a lot) of hard work. It was a big game changer in the anime industry, it inspired not only people like myself but also inspired how people viewed anime with strong female protagonists.

Earlier this week I asked people why they loved and/or enjoyed Sailor Moon. Here are some responses:

Michele -
"I watched the one from my childhood that aired on YTV. I loved it because it had crime fighting, silliness and different personalities that, as kids, we could identify with!"

Joey -
" Because you could play pretend during recess."

Natalie -
" I enjoyed the realness of the characters even if they did have super powers."

Gwenyth -
" I started watching it shortly after I moved out on my own at a pretty young age. It was weird because although I found Sailor Moon extremely whiny and annoying, I also found it oddly comforting that this whiny little twig of a girl could basically save the universe. I also ended up naming my son after Tuxedo Mask..."

Vanessa -
" I'm not sure why I enjoyed it so much. I remember being obsessed with the skirts I just loved how they were drawn and every skirt I drew after looked like sailor moons. It might've also been the plot. As a child it was just so exciting. "Is she going to find the next scout? Will she find out who tuxedo mask is? Will I ever get to see more clips of the moon kingdom and the princess? And why is Serena so freaking annoying!?"

Were you a fan of Sailor Moon growing up?
Any favourite characters?
Feel free to share your thoughts on the series in the comments below.

Happy Reading,
Wendy (Cupcake Queen)

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  1. Darian was my fave! I need to watch this again.

  2. MAMO-CHAN ;)

  3. i loved this show when i was a kid
    great post
    my favorite was luna too.

  4. Sailor Moon, was and is, still a huge favorite of mine! I adore the old, badly dubbed US version and the new Crystal. Makoto was my favorite Scout growing up. :3