Monday, 7 September 2015

Recap: Fan Expo Canada 2015

Fan Expo Canada - a Canadian's sweet fandom paradise. I've attended Fan Expo every year since 2007 and despite hitting a few bumps in the road, Fan Expo's grown into a well organized event that respects all who attend.

I've always been one to avoid high-traffic days (Saturdays to be more accurate) and this year was no exception to the rule. My Fiance and I had originally planned to attend one day, Sunday, and avoid any chaos that would likely take place during Friday and Saturday (Harry Potter fans know what I mean). Instead, after work, my Fiance managed to convince me to attend Thursday.

Thursday - Calm before the storm.

Every year I'm surprised by how much is put into this annual event. Booths from publishers, game makers, television studios, and more - I love it!

As I mentioned before, Thursday wasn't a day my Fiance and I had planned to attend. As it was last minute, I was absolutely surprised at how quickly we were able to purchase our wristbands and get in (I'm talking less than 10 minutes...yeah). After entering the venue through the south building entrance (the underground unloading area) we immediately made our way over to the Fan Expo merchandise table. Socks, bags, scarves, and t-shirts were available for purchase, and I couldn't help picking up the Harry Potter event shirt ($25). I was also surprised to see that they had their own cartoonish 2D messenger bag featuring their logo - cool! No surprise that on my next visit they would be completely sold out.

After purchasing our Fan Expo merch goodies, we made our way over to Artist Alley, one of my favourite areas of the con. I'm always amazed by all the incredible pieces of art everyone sells; posters, prints, knits, jewelry and more. I couldn't resist picking up a few buttons. After browsing through the booth in the south building, we met up with friends and made our way over to the North building.

The North building was just as calm and open as the South on Thursday evening. No shoving or pushing, a welcome way to browse before the chaos. There were great horror booths selling creepy busts and masks, and more booths selling this year's hottest items - Funko figures. After a quick run through of the North building, we made our way to the mystery box section where guests can purchase a mystery box and test their luck. From what I've been told, not everyone is lucky or receives their $ back in merch. Lucky for us, we managed to pick boxes that exceeded the value of what we payed for it. T-shirts, Funko figures, movies, and more!

Sunday - When you see a line up, run to it like someone just insulted your OTP.

Sunday morning I had one mission - make it to the Celebrity photo op area before it got crazy. I was not successful. The reason I tend to avoid paying big bucks for photo ops aren't because of the prices but because of how crazy crowded and unorganized the photo ops get. Even so, I'm glad I dealt with the crazy in order to snag a photo with Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter).

After going through my photo op, and waiting for fiance/friends to go through theirs, we made our way back to the vendor booths and took advantage of some last day deals. Seeing the big price drops on the last day compared to what they were on Thursday was jaw-dropping. For example, a STAR LABS sweater I was eyeing down on Thursday was $65. Glad that I passed on it that day! On Sunday I found that it had dropped down to $30. WOW!

At the end of the day and after a lot of shopping in the North building, we made our way back to the South building and decided to try out the photo booths at the Toruk area and the Hunger Games area. Long line ups but went by surprisingly quick! At the Toruk area guests were able to snap a shot and have themselves turned into one of the Na'vi in promotion for the upcoming Cirque du Soleil show inspired by Avatar. At the Hunger Games area guests were also able to snap a photo of themselves similar to the Mockingjay PT 2 promotion posters. Fun!

Overall, this year's Fan Expo was absolutely fun! Even though I avoided any crazy days or panels, I still had a blast and managed to buy quite a bit. Thank you to the organizers and hardworking volunteers of the event! See you next year!

Fan Expo 2015 haul:

  • Loot Crate subscription (hurray for convention discounts!)
  • Cartman and the Stick of Truth Vinyl Figure (Bonus item for signing up to Loot Crate)
  • Oliver Queen (Island Scarred) Funko Figure - Fugitive Toys Limited Edition for FanExpo
  • Harley Quinn Glow in the Dark Funko Figure - PX Previews Exclusive
  • Cinderella Funko Figure
  • Ariel Funko Figure
  • STAR Labs sweater (Flash TV Seris)
  • Hogwarts - Harry Potter Event T-shirt
  • Baymax decal
  • Two Mystery Boxes - BMO and Super Mario Mystery Block. An assortment of goodies like t-shirts (Star Wars and Avengers), Funko figures, Fabrikations Captain America, and other small items. From what I've been told by other con goers, people aren't usually very lucky with mystery boxes. Glad that my Fiance and I were the lucky few!

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  1. Looks like you had fun Wendy. Great recap!

  2. It was a lot of fun! Too bad the crowd can be bad. I dealt with a lot of youtubers who thought they could cut in line just because they had a camera. Them and shady vendors. It was still fun though.

    1. I spotted a Youtuber (just one, I think) who tried to cut in line for the Hunger Games photo booth. He was asked to leave and made a big fuss about it. I know what you mean =( Not cool to sneak into lines everyone else has been waiting in.

      Shady vendors? What do you mean? Like shady prices or they (the seller) seemed off? I didn't have any issues in that area, just a lot of positive interaction with vendors =D

  3. thank you for sharing your recap