Friday, 20 November 2015

Review: Bitterroot Part 3 by Heather Hildenbrand and S.M. Reine

Bitterroot (Part 3)
by Heather Hildenbrand and SM Reine
Format: Ebook
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Regan and Charlie Vuk are finally forced to compete for the position of werewolf pack alpha. The winner gets to lead and she also gets Owen Rossi, the vampire prince’s hand in marriage—whether she wants it or not. But only one sister already has his heart.

If Regan wins, will she be able to let go of her feelings for Carter and put duty before desire? Will Charlie be able to survive long enough to get a fair shot at the competition and at Owen?

Before it’s over, both girls will have to compete for more than just the role of alpha. Someone has a grudge and they’ll do anything to exact vengeance on the guilty. Including removing one of the Vuk sisters from the equation.

Subtle threats escalate to attempted murder. One sister’s life hangs in the balance. The other must do whatever it takes in order to save her pack—and her sibling—including making the enemy her ally.

Will the vampires and werewolves finally forge peace—or will sibling rivalry prove fatal for them all?

The epic conclusion to Bitterroot, a 3-part YA Paranormal Romance novella series by Heather Hildenbrand & SM Reine

It isn't everyday you come across an author duo that makes a book work smoothly. Heather Hildenbrand and SM Reine are two amazing authors whom I enjoyed reading individually, however with Bitterroot, their combined talents created a mesmerizing tale where one could swoon over love interests, identify with female heroines, and fear for the lives of every character involved. Needless to say, they're both incredible together and the proof is in the combined series of Bitterroot.

"His face hardened again, the same way it had when he’d said that he loved my mother. Not angry, just protecting himself from the pain. I hated that he could do that and I couldn’t. "

As not to divulge the events of Bitterroot Part 3, I'll keep it sweet and simple - Bitterroot Part 3 was fantastic and completely unexpected! Char, Regan, and Owen were a trio I instantly fell for in part one and were characters I easily became invested in. The growth of these characters and the complex circumstances they found themselves, was a breath of fresh air in the genre of young adult paranormal lit. Although I'm sad to see this series ending, it was an absolute pleasure to step into their world, to see two fierce and respectable heroines take center stage, and to see the werewolf hierarchy tackled from a different angle.

Well written, mesmerizing, and addicting - Bitterroot by Heather Hildenbrand and SM Reine is a title all readers must read.

5 / 5 Cupcakes

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  1. Thank you for sticking to this series and for sharing your thoughts on it.
    I'm going to be picking this up for myself as an x-mas gift!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Wendy! Can't wait to start!

  3. Thank you as always for sharing your reviews and teasers.

  4. I'm always looking for a good paranormal book with romance. You make this sound very entertaining. Always happy to see such wonderful recommendations.

  5. Twilight pretty much ruined vampires for me so I'm always hesitant about them now. I completely blame it on Twilight. However, Bitteroot looks to be more about werewolves so I may just look into this because of your positive comments.