Monday, 25 January 2016

Review: City of the Lost by Kelley Armstrong

City of the Lost
by Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Random House Canada
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 352
Release Date: January 2nd, 2016
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Casey Duncan once killed a man and got away with it. But that's not why she's on the run. Her best friend's ex has found Diana again, despite all Casey has done to protect her. And Diana has decided the only way she'll ever be safe is if she finds the mythical town she's heard of where people like her can go to hide. Turns out the town really exists, and will take Diana, but only if Casey, a talented young police detective, comes too.

Imagine a hidden town, isolated in the Yukon wilderness, where everyone is pretending to be someone they're not. Even good people can get up to some very bad stuff. The laconic town sheriff dispenses his own frontier justice, but he's more accustomed to sobering up drunks in the horse trough, than attempting to solve the series of brutal murders that has rocked the town. As much as he hates it, he needs Casey. As for Casey, coming to the far North may have started out as a sacrifice she was willing to make for her best friend. But maybe, just maybe, she needs Rockton as much as the town needs her.

"I killed a man," I say to my new therapist. I've barely settled on the couch ... which isn't a couch at all, but a chaise longue that looked inviting and proved horribly uncomfortable. Like therapy itself."

Originally a 6 part e-serial, City of the Lost by Kelley Armstrong was an absolute must for yours truly. If you've read any of my reviews on Kelley Armstrong in the past (ie; my review on The Masked Truth) , you'd know that I think very highly of both Kelley and her work. As much as I love (adore, really) her paranormal titles, thrillers really look good on Kelley.

"Our eyes meet, and there are traces of defiance in hers, but only traces, as she clings to that, as if refusing to turn in her ex is her choice. And if he doesn't have her so terrified she can't see any other option."

City of the Lost is the first installment in Kelley Armstrong's Casey Duncan series. Leading with a phenomenally fierce protagonist. City of the Lost was the perfect thriller! I was immediately submersed in Kelley's tale of Casey, her torturous past, and the mysterious hidden town that has everyone wondering. The mystery, the suspense, and Kelley's twists and turns were absolutely mind bending and challenging - I loved it!

Fans of Kelley will positively fall for City of the Lost. It's fresh, unique, and will continue to keep you on your toes.

5 / 5 Cupcakes

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  1. I really like Kelley's books too. She's amazing.

  2. I'm very excited to read City of the Lost. I chose to wait until all of the serials were released into this bind up to read it. Thank you for leaving such a positive review.

  3. I hear great things about City of the Lost - thanks!

  4. Katherine Pinacho25 January 2016 at 10:38

    Great review!

  5. I enjoyed Masked Truth, so I'm really looking forward to City of the Lost

  6. I already wanted to read this book, since I love all things Kelley...but now I want to read it even more. Thanks for your review!