Friday, 29 April 2016

Review: Hot Dudes Reading

Hot Dudes Reading
Publisher: Atria Books
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 208
Release Date: April 26th, 2016
Purchase: [Chapters/Indigo] [Amazon]
Humans of New York meets Porn for Women in this collection of candid photos, clever captions, and hilarious hashtags about one of the most important subjects of our time: hot dudes reading.

Based on the viral Instagram account of the same name, Hot Dudes Reading takes its readers on a ride through all five boroughs of New York City, with each section covering a different subway line. Using their expert photography skills (covert iPhone shots) and journalistic ethics (#NoKindles), the authors capture the most beautiful bibliophiles in all of New York—and take a few detours to interview some of the most popular hot dudes from the early days of the Instagram account.

Fun, irreverent, and wittily-observed, this book is tailor-made for book lovers in search of their own happy endings—and those who just want to get lost between the covers for a while.

Fans of Instagram sensation @HotDudesReading need not wait any longer for their next fix! With their first step into the world of publishing, fans will find pages and pages of gorgeous young men enjoying a good old-fashioned book on the go. Filled with witty captions, scenarios, interviews and more, Hot Dudes Reading is perfect for that morning commute on the subway.

"Extra, Extra! Read all about it: "Hot Men Invading NYC Subway System." That's one headline I wouldn't mind seeing more often..."

Hilarious, witty, and intriguing, Hot Dudes Reading is a must-have commute read. I can easily picture myself bringing this along on a trip, and/or gifting it to a dear friend. Don't believe me? Make a pit-stop over to your local book shop, flip to ANY page, and I guarantee you won't be able to keep yourself from bringing a copy home.

4 / 5 Cupcakes

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  1. I've followed their Instagram account for as long as I can remember. Pretty much the entire time I've been a member of the platform. Hoping to pick up the book this weekend.

  2. Well I'm sold! Drool worthy dudes and interviews - I'm down :)

  3. That photo you shared is from the TTC! Glad to see a fellow Canuck reading on the train lol!

    Great review !

  4. Not a fan of the "Porn for Women" comparison, but I'd love to pick this up so I can learn about these gentlemen and what they enjoy reading.

  5. I have a mighty need for this book. I think I shall snag a copy to keep on my beside table!

    Jamie @ Books and Ladders