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Three Scoops of Summer Blog Tour - The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian - Review + Q&A + Giveaway

Simon & Schuster Canada REALLY knows how to kick off a blog tour! For the next month, Simon Teen Canada and my fellow book bloggers will be spending a month talking about three amazing YA titles every reader will be needing to devour this summer: The Last Boy and Girl in the World, The Unexpected Everything, and The Museum of Heartbreak. These three titles are delicious addicting, thus the name of the blog tour "#ThreeScoopsofSummer!" My fellow book bloggers and I will be sharing some unique posts in regards to each title, so be sure to follow along! Today, I'll be including my review on The Last Boy and Girl in the World and an exclusive Q&A with Siobhan Vivian.

I want to extend a big thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada for working hard and putting this tour together, and for Siobhan for stopping by A Cupcake and a Latte!


The Last Boy and Girl in the World
by Siobhan Vivian
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 320
Release Date: April 26th, 2016
Purchase: [Chapters/Indigo] [Amazon]
What if your town was sliding underwater and everyone was ordered to pack up and leave? How would you and your friends spend your last days together?

While the adults plan for the future, box up their possessions, and find new places to live, Keeley Hewitt and her friends decide to go out with a bang. There are parties in abandoned houses. Canoe races down Main Street. The goal is to make the most of every minute they still have together.

And for Keeley, that means taking one last shot at the boy she’s loved forever.

There’s a weird sort of bravery that comes from knowing there’s nothing left to lose. You might do things you normally wouldn’t. Or say things you shouldn’t. The reward almost always outweighs the risk.


It’s the end of Aberdeen, but the beginning of Keeley’s first love story. It just might not turn out the way she thought. Because it’s not always clear what’s worth fighting for and what you should let become a memory.

If you're a major contemporary reader like myself, then you've likely read Burn for Burn, The List, Not That Kind of Girl, and Siobhan's other incredible titles. She's an author that deserves the recognition she receives for her titles. Her characters always feel real, act real, and can sometimes run into some very moving but vivid situations. My point: Siobhan has a great handle on situating the reader into a first-person connection with everything that happens in her books.

"A heavy silence came over the entire room once all the diplomas were handed out. I think because we all knew this was the end."

The Last Girl and Boy in the World takes place in a small town that is, oddly enough, slowly sinking. In this delicious twist to the contemporary genre, Siobhan delivers a cast of delightfully addicting characters, one of which being Keeley. In a world where readers are accustomed to perfectly "flawed" female characters, Keeley was positively and genuinely flawed. She made mistakes and suffered the consequences .... realistically! No fairy tale wrapups, no shiny life lessons with a positive twist that magically fixes everything. Essentially, this book had characters make choices that WOULD affect them in the end. The Last Boy and Girl in the World impressed me with it's unique spin on a tale of characters coming together in disastrous circumstances, growing up, and learning. It was exceptionally addicting!

Attention all readers: Siobhan Vivian's latest is an absolute must summer read!

4.5 / 5 Cupcakes


Q/A with Siobhan Vivian

Q. What can you tell readers about The Last Boy and Girl in the World?

Though the title might sound a little post-apocalyptic, this book is very much grounded in realism. It’s not really the end of the world, so much as the end of the town where my main character Keeley has lived her entire life.

Q. What was your brainstorming process like?

I love doing research, and for this book, I studied up on other towns across the country where something similar happened—a place suddenly deemed unsafe by the government, and everyone is paid to relocate. It happens more than you think!

Q. Did you instantly connect with your characters?

I definitely felt connected with Keeley. She’s the closest I’ve ever come to writing about myself.

Q. What lesson or message are you hoping readers take from The Last Boy and Girl in the World?

The best way to survive change is to be nimble. You can’t get caught flat-footed, or get hung up on the way things used to be.

Q. What can readers expect from you next after the release of The Last Boy and Girl in the World?

I LOVE my new book. It will be out next spring, and it’s all about an ice cream shop that, since it opened long ago, has had an all girl staff. But at the start of the book, the very first boy is hired, and it (of course) changes everything.


Be sure to follow along as the amazing blog tour continues!



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  1. Wonderful review and interview with the author. I always enjoy the two paired together. Happy Book Birthday, Siobhan!

  2. I love her Burn for Burn books! Great review!

  3. Happy Book Birthday!
    This tour is sounding like a total blast, Wendy.
    I'm glad TLBAGITW is finally out today!

  4. Gorgeous cover and entrancing prose - nice

  5. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed The Last Boy and Girl. I had a good feeling about this book when I heard of it. And I also agree about Siobhan's previous books, they're great!

  6. I've heard wonderful things about Siobhan Vivian's new book, all very positive. I think I'll add it to my reading list for the summer. It feels like a beachish book.