Monday, 27 June 2016

Recap: Simon & Schuster Canada Blogger Meet Up - The Sequel

Over the weekend, myself and several other Toronto-based book bloggers were generously invited to visit Simon & Schuster Canada for a fun day of books, treats, and more. Dubbed "Blogger Meet Up - The Sequel", the event spanned for quite a generous portion of the day, making it one of the most exciting blogger events I've ever attended.

The event began at 10:30AM in the boardroom of Simon & Schuster Canada head office. All of the book bloggers (sans Ardo, who was feeling unwell *sad face* ) were early and in attendance, and had all made themselves at home in their spots, ready and eager to learn about Fall's upcoming YA titles. Bloggers in attendance were: Michele, Christine, Michelle, Patty, Joey, Jesse, Tiff, and Amanda - all of which I've either known for years, or have already had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions in the past. Also in attendance were authors Erin Bow (Plain Kate/Scorpion Rules), Kevin Sylvester (Neil Flambe/Minrs), and Kevin Sands (The Blackthorn Key). Jackie and Andrea (our wonderful hostesses for the event) were excited and ready with a day full of bookish awesome, and I can attest to the fact that I was eager, determined, and so ready for the fun!

We started with a quick introduction around the room, to which Michele and Christine started that day's infamous O.G. references (meaning, us longtime bloggers being all of O.G. status). Moving along, Erin Bow, Kevin Sylvester, and Kevin Sands were each introduced and spoke warmly about their titles. It was quickly followed by a Q/A session between blogger and author that spanned well over an hour. It was by far the most engaging Q/A session I've ever heard. We discussed books, short stories, favourite reads, writing techniques, and so much more - it was wonderful! After the Q/A, we paused for a delicious lunch provided by the wonderful ladies of Simon Teen. I devoured my pulled beef sandwich with gusto and enjoyed the fruit and other assorted treats that were additionally provided.

Following our delicious lunch, and a quick book signing with Erin, Kevin and Kevin, Andrea gathered a set of wrapped book titles, decorated in images and words describing the book inside, and commenced one of the most intense guessing matches ever, one of which would soon be followed by another from Jackie. Bloggers were asked to guess the title by observing the clues written/drawn on it's outer wrapping, and the first to guess the title out loud would be taking the title home. I took home The Lost Property Office by James R. Hannibal, a novel for younger readers about a 13 y/o Jack Buckles who is excellent at finding lost objects, but is then tasked to find the Ember: an item which holds the secret that has been kept since the Great Fire of London.

Following the guessing games, we were then given some bookish trivia to win two highly anticipated ARCs. One would think the trivia would be easy, but I only managed to score a measly 6, the winner having scored a 12. Following the trivia, we broke out into one final game, Jackie and Andrea dubbed "Pictionary Broken Telephone". Each blogger was given a long sheet of paper and were asked to write a book title. The blogger was then asked to fold over the title and pass the paper clockwise to the next blogger, who would then attempt to draw the book title. Following suit, they were then asked to fold over the drawing and the next blogger (clockwise) would then have to guess the book title. The game continued until our long sheets were filled. My title was Legend by Marie Lu. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the final guess was, but I heard of some fairly interesting ones!

After many laughs, games, and exciting discussions, our fun bookish day with Simon & Schuster Canada came to a close. We were all given brown paper bags filled with goodies, books, and more upon leaving and even snapped a group photo (pictured further above in the post). I positively had a wonderful time with the ladies of Simon Teen Canada, Erin, Kevin and Kevin, and my fellow book bloggers. It was a wonderful way to spend a summer weekend! Thank you so much for the invite and working hard to organize such a fun day!

Pictured: titles discussed during the blogger event. Complete list and links can be found below.

Coming Fall 2016 -

Coming Spring 2017:

My Bookish Haul:
  • Signed/Doodled copy of MINRS 2 by Kevin Sylvester
  • Signed copy of Mark of the Plague by Kevin Sands
  • Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson, and Robin Wasserman
  • All in Pieces by Suzanne Young
  • The Lost Property Office by James R. Hannibal
  • The Shallows tank top
  • Assorted bookmarks + stickers
  • Ghostbusters movie nail file
  • Book Buddies sticky notes
  • To Do List paper pad
  • Simon & Schuster Canada magnet
  • Pack of Hubba Bubba gum (which was all gone by that evening...addicted!)

A big thank you to the Teen Team at Simon & Schuster Canada (Jackie and Andrea) for putting together such a wonderful day of bookish fun! If you're interested in learning about the first book blogger meet, here's my recap!


  1. Looks like it was an amazing day
    Thank you for sharing your experience and the list of upcoming books. Diabolic sounds amazing!

  2. Marlene Connor Porter27 June 2016 at 10:18

    I'm supremely jealous of all the goodies you brought home with you. So many exciting upcoming titles I'm thrilled to read!

  3. Thank you for sharing your post and photos, Wendy

  4. Please let us all know about your books
    Although I'm pretty sure you already will lol :P
    I'm so interested to hear what you think of Lost Property Office and Tales from the shadowhunter academy

  5. Excellent recap post! It sounds like you had an enchanting day with your friends and the authors. Bravo!

  6. It sounds like so much fun and really well-planned. You have an ARC of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy! I can't wait for all these great titles :D

  7. This sounds like it was so much fun!! Heaps of amazing books, meeting up with likeminded bookish lovers, delicious food, games, discussions etc. etc. I would have loved to have been there. SO glad you enjoyed what I imigain to be a fantastic day!

  8. Aw what a great post and looks like you girls had a fantastic day at this incredible event! I'm so jealous of all that you ladies got to experience and take home with you but I'm so glad everyone had a blast. Great photos, Wendy!