Friday, 17 June 2016

Review: Roses by Rose Mannering

By Rose Mannering
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 328
Release Date: May 17th, 2016
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She bears no name. Her silvery appearance is freakish to the numerous inhabitants of Sago, the cosmopolitan capital of Pevorocco in the Western Realm. With her mother vanishing at the instance of her birth, she is sent to live with the cruel, rich Ma Dane, where she is punished daily for something, though she knows not what. Tauntingly named Beauty, she flees Sago in a violent uprising that sets out to massacre all Magics and journeys to the farthest point of the country.

But Beauty cannot hide in the grassy Hillands forever. Before long, the State officials find her and threaten to take her back to war-torn Sago where death surely awaits. In a midnight blizzard she escapes them, running into a deep, enchanted forest to a great and terrible beast who will bargain for her life.

But can Beauty accept Beast? Eternity is a long time. Now for the first time in paperback, Roses is sure to capture your heart as you fall in love with Beauty and her Beast all over again.

Quoted on it's gorgeous new paperback cover, The School Library Journal calls Roses "An unusually powerful retelling of Beauty and the Beast." With this, I wholesomely agree. Roses by Rose Mannering was a title that came to me through countless recommendations, on account I'm a sucker for anything Beauty and the Beast related. I was told that I would fall head over heels for this fantastic new twist on the well loved classic, and I truly, wholeheartedly did!

Roses by Rose Mannering introduces a female protagonist who bears no name (Beauty) and features a silvery complexion, something that makes her stand out in the most negative of ways in her hometown of Sago. Daily she is punished by the cruel and treacherous Ma Dane, whom she has lived with since the disappearance of her mother. When a violent uprising happens in Sago, Beauty takes the opportunity to run away from a life of torture and abuse and makes her way into the hillands. As circumstance would have it, a series of events inevitably leads her to the presence of the Beast. Will she accept the Beast?

"A sob caught her throat, but she swallowed it. She took the terrible red rose from his fingers and felt the heaviness of it in her hands."

Roses was remarkably well-written, descriptive, unique, and addicting. There are countless Beauty and the Beast retellings that I've deeply fallen for (A Court of Thorns and Roses, Cruel Beauty, Beastly, and more) and I'm pleased to say that Roses has made it onto my ever-growing list! The characteristics of Beauty and Beast in Rose's retelling are quite reminiscent of those that we've grown to love, but are unique, in my opinion, in expression of emotion. I felt that the Beast of Roses was quite more honest and genuine with how he felt, anger, sadness, and even love. I felt most connected with him than I have with any other retelling, and it was compellingly refreshing.

" 'Ask for a book', said Beast. 'Any book!' Beauty did not think she had ever seen him so animated."

Refreshing, remarkable, and imaginative - Roses by Rose Mannering was a phenomenally addicting Beauty and the Beast retelling! Highly recommended to readers over the age of 12! Furthermore, I am over the moon that the next installment in the series, titled Feathers, is set to be released next month!

5 / 5 Cupcakes

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  1. I'm a big fan of retelling books but this one has escaped me completely
    How is that even possible?
    I feel a few of the Goodreads lists I follow have failed me for not having listed this one
    Thank you for your review

  2. Bookish Willow17 June 2016 at 14:03

    Wonderful Review :)

  3. Sounds intriguing. Thanks!

  4. I'll be sure to pick this up this summer, Wendy. Thanks for sharing your review this Friday.

  5. Would you recommend this for readers who enjoyed A Court of Thorns and Roses? I just finished A Court of Mist and Fury and need something to keep me going. I can't handle the long waits for the following books.

  6. I'm honestly so glad I found your blog because I've come across so many books that I think are well worth checking out - this included! I'm surprised I haven't come across this one before but a Beauty and The Beast re-telling that's actually GOOD has me very intrigued! Thank you for introducing me to the book and now I'm going to add it to my ever growing TBR list!

  7. Ooooh a powerful re-telling of Beauty and The Beast?!? Count me in! With that captivating cover and that glowing review of yours I'm just dying to get my hands on this one! I love how it's not only well-written but it's also unique for a BATB re-tlling which I know there are many versions of so I'm excited to see why this one stands out.