Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Review: The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma

The Walls Around Us
By Nova Ren Suma
Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Release Date: March 22nd, 2016
Purchase: [Chapters/Indigo] [Amazon]
The Walls Around Us is a ghostly story of suspense told in two voices--one still living and one dead. On the outside, there’s Violet, an eighteen-year-old ballerina days away from the life of her dreams when something threatens to expose the shocking truth of her achievement. On the inside, within the walls of a girls’ juvenile detention center, there’s Amber, locked up for so long she can’t imagine freedom. Tying these two worlds together is Orianna, who holds the key to unlocking all the girls’ darkest mysteries: What really happened on the night Orianna stepped between Violet and her tormentors? What really happened on two strange nights at Aurora Hills? Will Amber and Violet and Orianna ever get the justice they deserve--in this life or in another one?

“Our private tastes in books showed a hint of our secret selves.”

Nova Ren Suma has written some very powerful and emotion enticing reads in the past, Imaginary Girls and 17 & Gone being among some of my favorite go-to recommendations for younger readers. The Walls Around Us felt like an absolute must. There was no denying that I absolutely needed to dive into this novel face first and stick with it to the very end with no pause. An all-nighter was mandatory, and boy was it worth it!

“Life. We'd long known it was cruel.”

Nova Ren Suma's The Walls Around Us truly delivers. Featuring a unique tale about two girls who are strangers but inexplicably connected, Nova's latest truly inspired me to look at the bigger picture. Readers, don't walk into The Walls Around Us unprepared. It's a title that absolutely requires you to get to the very last page. It is enticing, addictive, dark, mesmerizing, mysterious, and oh-so trippy. In fact, there is no other title I can quite compare to this one, or a way to properly describe how intensely it left me in thought. The tale(s) of Amber and Violet is a heartbreaking one, one of that is odd but also part paranormal and mystery. It should go without saying further, although I feel it is an absolute must, that The Walls Around Us is Nova Ren Suma's greatest work to date, and that I can only hope for more titles that will leave me in such awe in the future. Bravo!

“I knew that just because people on the outside were free and clean, it didn’t mean they were the good ones.”

Nova Ren Suma's The Walls Around Us is book club worthy, and an absolute must for young adult readers and beyond.

5 / 5 Cupcakes

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  1. Excellent review!

  2. Bookish Willow14 June 2016 at 11:12

    So wonderful to hear you enjoyed it, too, Wendy! I read this not long ago and adored it! I get what you mean about it being odd but so amazing!

  3. Wendy what a lovely review
    I've always enjoyed Nova's books and this one was unlike any other, I agree 1000%

  4. Right now is the first time I'm coming across The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma. The premise sounds creepy but mysterious too. I like the sound of it.

  5. I've heard good things about Walls around us. Thanks!

  6. Ohh great review I've been dying too read a book by this author for a long time now, but your reviews makes me want too check it out sooner rather than later. So I am hopeful I can check out her books soonish. Thank you for your awesome post.

  7. The walls Around Us sounds really odd but immensely unique and I'm definitely intrigued by it! It's difficult to really understand what the plot will be about but from the bits I do know I am very interested in. So great to hear you loved it and awesome review, Wendy!