Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Recap: Fan Expo Canada 2016

Fan Expo Canada 2016 - another year, another almost empty wallet for THIS fan girl. Just kidding! I actually managed to stay BELOW my budget, which is the first time it's ever happened, and it happened because of my super bargain price snooping, but I'll get to that a little later.

Unlike last year, you can click here to read my full recap post, the Fiance and I chose to attend the con Friday through Sunday, as apposed to just one day (or rather two, in last year's example). Earlier on as the celebrity guests were announced, we had planned to attend several panels and purchase quite a bit of photo-ops, but as the dates grew closer, and the guests we'd anticipated meeting grew smaller by the number, we both decided to purchase one set of celebrity panel tickets and additionally chose to purchase two photo-ops. I was by far the most disappointed by Matthew Lewis' cancellation, but certainly hope he attends a future con.

(Pictured: An overview of the North building floor on the calmest day of the event, fun at the Mr. Robot booth, some chocolate poke balls, some amazing mech Pokemon suits, Batman striking a pose at the Supergirl booth, and a Star Wars photo-op.)


We didn't manage to make the con until about 3PM. We weren't in much of a hurry as the main reason we wished to attend the Friday was for that evening's ticketed panel (Jay and Silent Bob Get Old) and to get a majority of our Fan Expo shopping out of the way. After making our way through Arist Alley (one of my favourite parts of the con) I was pleasantly surprised to find Sakami-Chan, one of my favourite artists EVER, at her own booth. Although I've been aware of her being present at other cons, I've always somehow missed stopping by to purchase some prints. This time I managed to not only meet her, but managed to snag some amazing signed prints of a few of my favourite pieces by her. You'll probably most likely recognize her artwork from her viral gender-bent Disney character pieces. Of that particular collection, I picked up the male version of Cruella De Vil.

(Pictured: My purchases from Sakami-Chan's booth. Included are prints of Cardcaptor Sakura, Spider Gwen, Gender-bent Cruella De Vil, Jack Frost/Elsa, Harley Quinn/Catwoman/Poison Ivy, and Queen Serenity.)

Moving from the South building to the North building, and vice versa, proved to be especially easy to navigate on Friday, which surprised me. Usually both Fridays and Saturdays are the most packed, but I was surprised to find that it was one of the easiest days to actually browse through booths and do some shopping. Additionally, I was actually pretty surprised to see how low many items and collectibles were priced. One of my most desired Funko POP sets (The Hogwarts Train Set featuring Harry, Hermione, and Ron) cost me a measly $50, which was a STEAL considering I'd seen them at many booths retailing significantly over $30 each, the most I'd spotted being $45.99. Fair to say, I was one of the lucky few to snag them at that bargain price. I was also surprised to find many of my coveted pops priced at 2 for $20, and additionally my exclusive Starfire as The Flash being priced at $20! (gasp) Fair enough to say I was very pleased with the surprising savings!

(Pictured: My exclusive Black and White Sketch edition of the Harley Quinn Bombshell figurine, and my Hogwarts Express trio purchase.)

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

After purchasing a few goodies, and stepping out of the Metro Toronto Convention centre to grab something to eat (mmmm Wahlburgers...), we made our way back to the con after close for our one highly anticipated panel - Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. Two of my favourite funny men under one roof was a hard to miss event, and the Fiance and I were rightfully excited! The event took place in the large theatre on the lower level of the convention centre, and was at maximum capacity. The evening was absolute perfection and filled with hilariously inappropriate jokes, stories, and were a positive reminder of how witty both Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith truly are. With that said, it's fair to say that the evening was very R-rated, so I'm still not quite sure how two parents managed to sneak in their 9-13 year old daughter into the event. Weird!

(Pictured: Photos from the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old event.)


On Saturday I chose to do a sort-of cosplay-ish version of Belle in her peasant dress a la Beauty and the Beast. My version consisted of a gothic-lolita style look-alike dress that was both super poofy and frilly - I adored wearing it! It felt pretty weird being stopped for photos, or being told that people adored my dress, but it was an exciting and positive experience and has me wanting to do more in the future. =D In fact, I've already started planning for Comic Con in March!

(Pictured: Angemon cosplay, Deadshot cosplay, selfie with Mech suit armor from Batman vs Superman, a photo-op with a Squirtle/Ninja Turtle mashup cosplay, panel with PJ's of the 90's, Star Wars cosplay, a photo-op with a Pidgie, and Pikachu.)

Moving along, I had an exciting time browsing, snapping photos with fellow cosplayers, and catching up with friends on Saturday. Not much had been planned for the day, other than attending the YTV PJ's of the 90's panel which was hilarious and had me reminiscing my childhood.  No shopping was done this day, which was a relief due to the poofy dress, however the Fiance and I took advantage of the countless photo opportunities throughout the con at several booths, my favourites being the Outlander and Supergirl booths put together by Show Case.

(Pictured: Photo-op at Show Case's Outlander booth, and Mimicyu cosplay.)


On the final day of the con, I chose a simple Slytherin outfit, being free of the previous day's extremely poofy but fun to wear Belle dress.  The main focus of our Sunday visit to the con was for our highly anticipated Stan Lee and Christopher Llyod with the Delorean photo ops. Hoping that this year's photo op process would be less chaotic, we took extra precaution in arriving twice as early to both to ensure we weren't juggled around from one area to another when the crowds came a-running. Luckily enough, I felt that this year's photo op process (or maybe rather just Sunday's?) was extremely smooth. The wait was nearly non-existent, and it was as simple as lining up, doing a little bit of waiting, snapping the photo, and picking it up. Easy peasy and a super stress-reliever!

(Pictured: Photo-ops with Christopher Llyod and the Delorean, and Stan Lee during his final Canadian appearance.)

Further into the day, we managed to squeeze in a DBZ panel and managed to do some last minute shopping due to lowered vendor prices on the last day.  I'm pleased to say that although this year we chose to do 3 days, including one of the busiest days of the con to that equation, that it was fairly pleasant, stress-free, and an absolute blast! I look forward to doing it again next year!

More Fan Expo Goodies!
(Pictured: A Pikaro (or Totochu) plush I instantly fell in love with. Also pictured, the expo show program and tee.)

(Pictured: more expo goodies that were handed out to passers, and an adorable tee from the Glitch booth featuring Pokemon in Ghostbuster outfits!)

 (Pictured: My plushie purchases, including the Totochu, my Shiny Vaporeon, a Vulpix, and Gatomon. Also pictured, the Fiance's purchases at the con.)

(Pictured: My POP purchases of Starfire as The Flash and Batgirl.)

(Pictured: My POP purchases of Surf's Up! Batman and Toothless.)


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Sounds like you had quite the blast! You look so adorable in your Belle outfit and Harry Potter outfit. I wish I had the guts to dress up!

  3. Great photos and I love the prints you purchased ☺️

  4. Good to know you had an amazing time at this year's EXPO. I was at the Kevin/Jason event that evening as well and was shocked when I heard the little girl's shout from the crowd. How did she manage to be allowed in? I was pretty sure it was mentioned somewhere on the event page that this was an 18+ event, ammiright? Besides that I think your cosplays looked amazing. Great recap post!

  5. Ohh, it looks like you had so much fun!

  6. Wow, this looks like such an amazing experience! I'm so jealous! And you got to meet Stan Lee! *.*

    And that Batgirl Funko is just perfect, I still have to buy it!

  7. This really sounds such a fun experience! Glad you enjoyed it! And those funko pops are so adorable!

  8. Love the article and your cosplays! The Angemon cosplayer is me btw! So thanks for the pic and hope to see you at future cons!