Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Recap: Toronto Comic Con 2017

Prior to attending last year's Toronto Comic Con, it had been a few years since my previous visit. It hadn't appealed to me - I was always more of a Fan Expo and Anime North con goer - but after last year's experience, I chose to attend once again. Finding the ticketing area this year proved to be significantly easier, considering it was in the same spot as last year, and that this time volunteers were actually directing visitors to the right direction. This year I had opted to purchase advance tickets for Saturday, making the pick-up a breeze. We were in and out of the ticketing area in under a minute, which left us a lot more time to browse through the program.

(Pictured: Yours truly with Andrea and Jackie of Simon & Schuster Canada.)

Upon leaving the ticketing area, I heard someone call out my name. It turned out to be one of my favorite bookish duos, Jackie and Andrea, from Simon & Schuster Canada. They had their own table for the Saturday afternoon, handing out chapter samplers for Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. Of course, I snagged one immediately! That cover is gorgeous and I'm so sooooooooooo excited for Lord of Shadows!!

(Pictured: Helmets for the upcoming Power Rangers film.)

After snapping a quick pic with Jackie and Andrea, the fiance and I made our way into the marketplace, which at the time was ridiculously over crowded. Instead, we took the opportunity to grab a quick bite to eat outside of the convention centre, and came back an hour later, which proved to be quite fruitful crowd-wise. It's incredible what an hour will do to change the flow of people in and out of an area. When we made our way in, I mainly had my eyes set on one kind of merch - Yuri on Ice!

(Pictured: Yuri on Ice cosplayers. Featuring various Viktors, Yurios and Yuris)

After recently binge-watching the show, I've become obsessed with everything Yuri on Ice. I came across some excellent artists in Artist's Alley, including Ravefirell (http://ravefirell.tictail.com/#_=_) and Knightmares and Daydreams (https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/KnightmaresDaydreams). From the two, I purchased 3 incredible Yuri on Ice prints (featuring Viktor, Yuri and Yurio), and 3 magnetic bookmarks featuring the trio, as well. As far as merchandise purchases went, that was the sum of my purchases, excluding my highly-coveted Snow White Funko POP, which the fiance spotted and pointed out immediately.

(Pictured: Sherlock Pusheen.)

Following our visit to Artist's Alley, we made our way through the show floor, choosing not to attend any panels this year and opting for something a little more relaxed. I spent time chatting with vendors, fellow con-goers, and snapped a few shots of some incredible costumes.

(Pictured: Halo, Iron Man, and Doctor Who cosplays.)

Overall, my visit to comic con this year was very satisfying and went fairly smoothly. I certainly plan on attending next year's!

(Pictured: Akame Ga Kill cosplayer, Sophie and Howl cosplayers.)


(Pictured: Con program, Lord of Shadows chapter sampler, Yuri on Ice prints, Yuri on Ice magnetic bookmarks, and Snow White Funko POP.)

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  1. Sounds like another great Comic Con experience. Love your Snow White Funko!I've seen mention of Yuri on Ice recently but haven't tried it yet.

    I think I'd like to attend Comic Con sometime. It looks fun!

  2. I believe cosplay is an art form, the time, attention to detail and creativity that goes into costumes and the whole world is stunning!

    So glad you enjoyed yourself and got all the awesome merchandise as well!