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Review: Dragon's Green by Scarlett Thomas

by Scarlett Thomas
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Format: Hardcover
Release Date: May 30th, 2017
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The Neverending Story meets Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus trilogy in this first magical adventure in a new series from acclaimed novelist Scarlett Thomas.

Effie Truelove believes in magic, as does her grandfather Griffin (although he refuses to do any magic, let alone teach Effie how to use it). After a mysterious incident leaves Griffin close to death, Effie is given an unusual silver ring and told she must look after her grandfather’s library of rare and powerful books. But then the books fall into the hands of shady scholar Leonard Levar, and Effie is propelled into the most dangerous adventure of her life.

Now, Effie and her friends—nerdy Maximilian, rugby-mad Wolf, helpful Lexy, and eccentric Raven—must discover their true powers if they are to get the books back. And Effie alone will have to travel to the Otherworld, where she will uncover the true meaning of the strange old book called Dragon’s Green…

Acclaimed novelist Scarlett Thomas invites you into the wondrous realm of the Worldquake Sequence, where magic most decidedly exists, a growing evil lurks, and a group of children is destined to save the world.

Pitched as The Neverending Story meets the Bartimaeus trilogy, I was instantly sold when it was first brought up during a Simon Teen preview event. At the time, there was no magically looking cover, but only a vague and mysterious synopsis depicting a female heroine named Effie who, along with her companions, must travel to the Otherworld to retrieve the secrets of the Dragon's Green, a rare book that if fallen into the wrong hands can have devastating consequences.

When it comes to middle grade, you never really know what you're going to find next. I've always delved into the genre, despite not being the target audience, because I've had the pleasure of finding some incredible hidden gems every now and then. Dragon's Green by Scarlett Thomas is one of those gems. Effie Truelove (yes, that is her real name and I love it), was a force to be reckoned with. Determined, inspiring, and a little reckless, she was a picture-perfect heroine that I adored reading. Additionally, with the presence of Maximilian, Raven, Wolf, and Lexy, Dragon's Green's cast of characters was spectacularly balanced and highly entertaining. The overall feel of the title felt very brand new to me, mysterious, and full of incredible magical twists and turns, some of which I enjoyed seeing develop right before my eyes. In conclusion - I felt that Dragon's Green was a magical little wonder I hope all younger readers will have the pleasure of reading. I highly recommend it to little readers who have just started the Harry Potter series or have enjoyed the likes of Percy Jackson, The Land of Stories, and Artemis Fowl.

5 / 5 Cupcakes

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  1. This sounds very good and that cover! Too beautiful for words.