Monday, 4 September 2017

Event Recap: Fan Expo Canada 2017

Right back to sweet fandom paradise, this year's Fan Expo Canada event ran from August 31st through September 3rd in an epic 4-day extravaganza. This year, instead of doing a 3-4 day visit, I chose to instead visit for only 2 days - the Friday and Saturday. With that said, I was eager and excited to get the most out of my visits at Fan Expo Canada this year, and was equally as eager to, once again, don my lolita coords and, hopefully, not feel completely out of place the entire time. (Spoiler Alert: I didn't, because convention people are AMAZING!)

Day 1: Friday September 1st, 2017

First and foremost, Friday morning was perhaps the craziest of mornings I'd had to deal with during Fan Expo. Not stressful exactly, far from it, but definitely crazy. For the most part, it had a lot to do with how much time I needed to prepare before getting dressed in my lolita coord of the day, in addition to how complicated it was to assist the Fiance in putting on his Doctor Strange cosplay. Also, did I mention we also had to find time to eat breakfast in between all of this? Even so, as crazy as it was, we came out on top, and I must say we looked pretty damn awesome!

Somewhere along the recap, you'll find photos of both Mike (the Fiance) in his fantastic Doctor Strange cosplay, and myself in my Gothic Lolita Coord. My Coord consisted of a beautiful bonnet I purchased from Fan Plus Friend, the Souffle Song Mermaid Tears JSK in black, a circular Luna by Samantha Vega purse, black wristcuffs by Bodyline, and a custom ordered pair of shoes with heart cut outs above the toes and cat ears on the straps. Overall, I was pretty pleased with the way we turned out, and after making our way outside and hailing a cab, we finally made our way over to Fan Expo Canada 2017!

Right before my pre-purchased photo-op with Zachary Levi, Mike and I decided to attend one of two panels we chose to attend (or actually managed to make) during Fan Expo Canada. We made our way over to room 206B for the Dragonball Z with Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat panel, a panel we were both very eager to attend as huge DBZ fans. It was a fun time with hilarious jokes and further insight into the series as a whole. It was, overall, very much worth being almost late to my Zachary Levi photo-op. Not long after that, we were approached for several photos before we made our way around the North Building showroom to browse at the plentiful goodies that were being sold. One of the first things I purchased were two prints by Sandra Macdougall. The first one was an adorable version of the prison outfit Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad drinking an espresso, and the second was of Princess Leah with a baby Chewbacca and C3PO. Not long after that, and after another brief pause for photos, we chose to head out for a late lunch as we began to notice the showroom becoming crowded.

Making our way out, we were approached by a group that were curious about the event, and I was at one point mistaken for Plain Doll from Bloodborne (didn't even look remotely close but still good guess). After a delicious late lunch from the nearby Boston Pizza (yummmmmm also discount!), we made our way back into the North Building and moved on over to the South Building, where I happily browsed Artist's Alley. Mike ended up purchasing a Bulba Thor t-shirt from the Sam and Fuzzy booth, and I had purchased a large acrylic key chain featuring Victor and Yuri from Yuri on Ice in wedding attire (unfortunately, cannot recall the seller's name!) Later on towards the end of the evening, after doing more browsing and photos, we chose to do the Jabba the Hut photo op for charity. It was fun and super creative, and inspired us to give another one a go on the following day.

Day 2: September 2nd, 2017

The second morning was far less crazy and a little more relaxed. Getting ready felt a little more routine, and as Mike donned his Doctor Strange cosplay once more, I chose to wear my second coord, this time in Sweet Lolita. My outfit consisted of the Squirrel Party OP by Bodyline, black wristcuffs by Bodyline, a fuzzy unicorn purse from Ardene, the same custom black shoes from day 1, and an unbranded headband and choker that matched my OP. Overall, I was extremely pleased with my coord for the day. I didn't peg myself for much of a Sweet Lolita kind of girl, but I absolutely loved it and will definitely try it again!

Day 2 felt a little more relaxed as we only intended to do two panels and mostly just browse and take photos.  The first panel of the day was that of Amy Jo Johnson, the original Pink Power Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a panel I thought we would miss  but made in time as we made our way from the South Building over to the North Building. I was surprised to learn that the panel would be taking place in room 102, a room that is usually reserved for very large panels. Even so, and despite the lack of attendance from fans, the panel with Amy Jo Johnson was fantastic! Not long after the panel, making our way to the Second Cup within the building proved to be a interesting feat. The security guard gave us a difficult time when we tried to access the Second Cup (which is accessible to everyone that is in the building but also has an outside entrance/exit, as well). Eventually we were given access and got our energetic boost of caffeine (hurray, coffee!) At the time, we chose to sip our iced coffees in the crisp breeze outside and were approached for photos, an aspect of my visit, this year, that I absolutely enjoyed! I was also approached by the cutest little girl who loved my outfit (insert very very happy face!) Being approached for photos, for both Mike and I, has to have been one of the best experiences we've ever had at Fan Expo. Everyone was just so super awesome!

After our brief venture outdoors, we made our way over to the South Building and chose to do the Star Wars charity photo op, featuring Darth Vader and Darth Maul. Their cosplays were phenomenal and I absolutely loved how our photos turned out! Not long after, we did more shopping, where we purchased a fuzzy pink Alpaca wearing ear muffs and a shawl, the black and white exclusive Wonder Woman figurine, and a print of Neo Queen Serenity and Small Lady by Chubby Unicorn. All of Chubby Unicorns prints were extremely impressive, all having been inspired by classic paintings. After all our shopping had been completed, we made our way out to lunch and expected to be back early enough to line up for the Rick and Morty panel happening in room 206B in 2 1/2 hours. We had spent little under a half hour eating lunch and making our way back, only to be disappointed to learn that the room for the Rick and Morty panel had already reached max capacity, which was odd considering when we walked by before lunch there wasn't a line up at all. When the schedule was announced, I felt the room would most definitely fail to hold the amount of people who wished to attend the panel, and I was sadly proven correct on the day. It was disappointing to miss the panel, and I certainly hope next time a large room can be scheduled for a panel that is very likely to have a humongous turnout. Perhaps an equal to size room, or close to that of room 102, considering not as many people had shown up to the Amy Jo Johnson panel earlier that day? Just a thought, although I think room 102 would have been impossible since the Last Fan Standing Game Show would be starting immediately after.

All in all, this year's visit to Fan Expo Canada was a total blast, minus the disappointment that was the Rick and Morty panel. I had a wonderful time meeting people, catching up with friends, getting and taking photos, and purchasing plenty of goodies. Also, seeing everyone in incredible cosplay was just an awesome experience. I strongly felt everyone brought their A-Game on at this year's event! I'm also super excited for next year's Toronto Comic Con and not long after, Fan Expo Canada 2018!

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