Friday, 1 December 2017

Fresh on the Shelf - December 2017 Book Releases + Giveaway

❆Happy December, Cupcakes!❆

How is it December?! It feels like 2017 has flown past us so quickly!  On our next Fresh on the Shelf it'll already be 2018 *le gasp!*

How has everyone's autumn been so far? Do anything special for Thanksgiving? How about the upcoming Holidays - do you have anything special planned? Maybe some Holiday themed reads on your TBR pile you plan on getting into?

As for me, I have plenty of Holiday themed reads I plan on diving into, and have a few Christmas movie marathons planned throughout the month. Only 24 day to go!

Now as for December's fantastic book releases, I have to say Emma Mills' Foolish Hearts is my absolute most anticipated. She's a phenomenal writer and I cannot wait to share my review with everyone shortly. Additionally, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Brave, Ever the Brave, The Young Queens, and Shadow Girl. They all sound positively wonderful!

Hope everyone has a festive and safe December and I can't wait to hear about what titles you're most excited for this month!

Happy reading! 📚