Sunday, 27 May 2018

{Event Recap} - Anime North 2018

I'm con obsessed! I must have been counting down the days to Anime North 2018 since last year, which sounds pretty crazy...because it is! As I mentioned in last year's recap on the event (click here if you missed it), it had been YEARS since I last attended Anime North. I was a frequent attendee for years, especially during high school, but not long after stopped attending because the event would get a little hectic, especially for someone as young as I was at the time. However, as I noticed during last year's visit, things seemed far better organized and felt so much safer both indoors and out.

This year I chose to attend on the first day of the con - Friday, May 25th. I arrived early to the property, the Toronto Congress Centre, with my fiance. We were both eager to get the festivities started and couldn't resist showing up over an hour before showtime. As we explored the outer area, we chose to check out the outdoor booths, enjoyed some yummy eats from the food vendors, and checked out the amazing cosplayers slowly making their way in. Not long after we made our way into the general line up for the marketplace (Dealer's Room and Vendor's Room).

My Anime North 2018 Coord:
I'd started planning this coord late last year after the absolute blast I'd had wearing lolita to both AN 2017 and FanExpo 2017.

I immediately sought out this beautiful JSK by Souffle Song. Titled "Strawberry Rabbit" I found it fitting for the season, and fell head over heels for the adorable print, featuring an adorable brown bunny, strawberries, and teacups.

I paired my coord with the matching Strawberry Rabbit lace headdress, a strawberry purse from Forever 21, and my custom pink tea party shoes that I also wore to Toronto Comic Con 2018. I absolutely love how the coord turned out, and despite the sweltering heat, I received many happy compliments (thank you!).

As we stood in line, in the unfortunate sweltering heat, we immediately befriended those near us in line and couldn't resist talking about what we were most excited for.  I shared I was on a mission for Angelic Pretty goodies (a major lolita brand in Japan), some doujinshi, and a possible nendoroid.

As the sun continuously beat down on us, we eventually made our way into the marketplace. It immediately felt a thousand times hotter indoors (something I hadn't experienced at last year's con) as I made my way over to the Angelic Pretty booth, regretting every second that I hadn't brought a handheld fan. After giddily browsing all the elegant jsk's and OP's, I settled on a couple of accessories - Happiness Easter wrist cuffs in pink and the Dream Ribbon Ring in brown and pink. It's easy to say I was very happy with my purchases! I can't wait to wear both accessories in my upcoming coords!

(Pictured above: A panoramic view of Paper mache Pokemon statuettes.)

After getting my dose of lolita goodness from the Angelic Pretty booth, we made our way over to the Navito World booth, which was exceptionally large, unlike the small tables they typically have at FanExpo and Toronto Comic Con. Their large booth featured tall barriers with large windows, in which guests could use to peek at any figures they were interested in purchasing. My fiance had immediately spotted a Nendoroid I was hoping to snag during our visit - Chuuya from Bungou Stray Dogs. I'm a huge fan of the show and love Chuuya's personality, and especially love his run-ins with Dazai, of which I already have in nendoroid form. Unable to resist, I snagged Chuuya and also both the male and female versions of the halloween costume sets for my Nendoroid. I can't wait to snap some photos!

As we browsed further, we stopped by several booths including Hairy Tarantula, 401 Games (which we frequent regularly in Downtown Toronto), and even YTV. The YTV table was especially fun, with merchandise from old school shows like Uh-Oh and Bionix, it was a very great find! 

(Pictured above: A panoramic view of Nominoichi on Friday May 25th, 2018.)

Not long after, we decided to make our way around the congress centre and join the line for Nominoichi. If you don't know already, Nominoichi is a night flea market that takes place at Anime North on the first night of the event each year. At Nominoichi, guests are invited to reserve a table and sell their own anime-related goodies from home. It's the perfect place to buy second hand j-fashion, figures that are otherwise impossible to find, and an assortment of other goodies. Last year I had snagged a bargain on a very adorable print dress featuring Snow White, and was hoping to find something like that once again this year. Regrettably, not much caught my eye, however I did snag an adorable handheld bunny fan to help cool me off from the excessive heat indoors.

(Pictured above: A wild jedi battle appears outside Anime North. Also pictured: Paper mache pokemon statues.)

After perusing Nominoichi, and spending some quality fun time with friends, we made our way outside for a breath of fresh air. After refueling with cold water and a snack, we made our way back indoors and proceeded to take the opportunity to slowly browse the dealer's room, before making our way into the vendor's room. There I made my way slowly up each aisle in search of Doujinshi. I finally came across the same vendor I purchased from last year, and made away with four incredible fan books I was eager to bring home and read. As the end of the night grew closer, we continued to slowly browse from aisle to aisle, enjoying all the wares on display, and eventually ended our night over at Gaming North.

Overall, Anime North 2018 was an absolute blast! It was well worth all the counting down and planning, and I positively can't wait for next year's event. Now, time to count down to FanExpo 2018! Woohoo!

Anime North 2018 Goodies:
  • The handheld bunny fan that saved my life - purchased at Nominoichi
  •  Male + Female versions of the Nendoroid Halloween sets from Navito World
  • Chuya Nakahara of Bungou Stray Dogs Nendoroid from Navito World 
  • Happiness Easter wrist cuffs in pink and Dream Ribbon Ring in brown and Pink from Angelic Pretty
  • An assortment of doujinshi I couldn't resist snagging due to the beautiful cover art


  1. Thank you for the recap. I think you’re coordinate is amazing! Beautiful print and wonderful photos.