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Review: #Moonstruck by Sariah Wilson

One Rule: Don't Date Muscians. #BreakTheRules

(#Lovestruck #2)
by Sariah Wilson
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Format: Paperback
Release Date: July 17th, 2018
Purchase: [Amazon] [Chapters/Indigo]
Over one million “likes”—but only one of them matters.

After pop star Ryan De Luna praises Maisy Harrison’s YouTube cover of his classic hit, he offers Maisy and her fledgling band the opportunity of a lifetime: to be his opening act.

Music may be Maisy’s life, but she has one ground rule: never date a musician. That goes double for a heartbreaker like Ryan. If only she didn’t feel so vulnerable to his larger-than-life charm. And maybe now more than ever, when he asks for her help to shake off his playboy image. How can she resist playing the part of his fake girlfriend for the duration of the tour?

Ryan’s never met anyone like Maisy. She sees past all the star-studded fame and treats him like any other guy. And the more time they spend together, the more he finds himself falling for her. Now he’d like to make their imaginary fling an IRL thing. But can he convince her to take a chance and trust him with her heart?

Most recently, I've been on a contemporary romance binge. I've been diving into plenty of titles that typically would not be something I picked up, and I've delved into reading from author's I've yet to have read in the past. Sariah Wilson was next on my to-read list. With the release of #Moonstruck, the second in the #Lovestruck series, right around the corner, the arrival of the title to read and review was impeccably timed. I was eager to finally see what kind of writing I'd encounter with Sariah Wilson, and learn what kind of character's she was able to bring to life within her pages.

Maisy and her brothers have a dream - to make it big in the music industry. However, with complications at home, things haven't quite worked out the way they wanted. When Maisy is invited to attend a Ryan De Luna concert with her best friend, she finds herself meeting said pop star face-to-face, and the encounter isn't pleasant. Even so, Ryan remembers her, and after finding her cover of his classic hit on Youtube, and sharing it to over millions of fans, Ryan invites her to be a part of his tour: as the opening act. As the two begin to get closer, Maisy must remember her one ground rule: never date a musician. Even so, Ryan seems to be far more than a star-studded and spoiled pop star, and Maisy begins to find herself falling for him. But will it last?

"Sweetheart, do you know what happens when fire meets ice?"
He shook his head. "Steam."

I'm usually the kind of reader who avoids contemporary romances that involve musicians. Over the years, I've read plenty of titles of the like and have, sadly, found that they've all followed the exact same chain of events. There's been no uniqueness to them, nothing about their characters that have stood out to me, and initially that's something that worried me about getting into #Moonstruck. However, not long after it's arrival, I propped said title open and breezed through the first chapter, and was immediately smitten. Maisy's narrative was honest and unashamed. She wasn't scared to say what was on her mind, or approach a situation with a strong backbone. She was thrilling to read! More so, Ryan De Luna was an interesting character. He wasn't just a bad boy pop star with a mysterious past, he was someone who had a past he wouldn't let consume him, and goals we was presently continuously attempting to achieve. I absolutely loved Maisy and Ryan together - the were phenomenal! I haven't swooned this hard in such a long time, and I haven't rooted so deeply for a couple to truly make it as much as I did for Maisy and Ryan. Consider me #Moonstruck!

Romance lovers - this is the book for you. I highly recommend it to readers who want something that isn't a-typical when it comes to love stories with famous characters. Additionally, I highly recommend reading #Starstruck either before or after picking up #Moonstruck. Immediately after I finished #Moonstruck, I purchased it's predecessor on Kobo and read it that very night. It's an absolute must-read, just like #Moonstruck.

5 / 5 Cupcakes

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