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{Event Recap} - Fan Expo Canada 2018

[Past Recaps: 2015 - 2016 - 2017]

It's that time of year again - my yearly Fan Expo recap where I fan girl like mad and share my honest recap on this year's event. With that said, I wasn't initially planning to attend Fan Expo 2018 for three days, it just magically happened that way, but I'm glad it did! Most of my plans were made for solely Friday and Saturday, including panels and photo-ops, but my sudden availability of Thursday opened up the weekend to an extra dose of fangirlish fun! Get ready for my complete honest perspective and recap of this year's Fan Expo Canada 2018 and take a dive into the good and the bad I experienced last weekend (it was mostly good, I promise!)


Thursday was...interesting. Typically the first day of the con is usually a nearly deserted wasteland when it comes to attendees or exhibitor booths. There's plenty of people who opt out of attending Thursday unless they're planning on doing the entire weekend, and also plenty of Exhibitor's aren't set up until early Friday, which is when foot traffic dramatically picks up during the con. As a deluxe pass holder for the weekend of the con, you get a "few" perks. One's an exclusive Fan Expo Con t-shirt and the other is an opportunity to enter the con on Thursday at an earlier start time (2pm as opposed to 4pm).  I made my way through the North Building entrance to the con little after 2pm, made my way upstairs, and was pleased to see how empty it was. This gave me a far greater opportunity to browse through the vendors in the North Building upper level, and had me compose a mental map of where everything specifically was set up this year. Something that truly shocked me about the floor plan for the North Building was how condensed  it was. It felt like everything was far more clustered together, particularity on the far right end of the level, facing the bridge leading to the South Building.

Even so, after browsing through the North Building, I made my way over to the South Building, which often contains the more fun exhibitors and vendors.  I immediately bee-lined to Artist's Alley. While browsing up and down the rows, I snagged a "Nya nya Medicine" t-shirt from Ocean in Space and three adorable charms from the Trendy Not booth. Additionally, for my personal collection, I picked up the latest black and white release of DC Bombshells' Black Canary, who looks stunning, and a mystery vinyl tin of the same collection, in which I managed to snag the black and white chase of Wonder Woman! After perusing Artist's Alley, we began to make our way through the exhibitor booths. One general area of the South Building I was most excited to visit was the Dragonball Z tour area. This zone was floor to ceiling DBZ, featuring figurines in display cases, life-size statues of Vegeta, Goku, and Frieza, dozens of photo opportunities for fans, and was additionally adorned with a large model of Shenron and the dragon balls floating above from the ceiling. On top of all that awesome, the zone also offered several opportunities for fans to snag some freebies (like a reusable bag, a lanyard, a t-shirt, free photos, cups, and coasters). As a rabid DBZ fan, I made it a personal mission to snag all the goodies!

After getting a sustainable dose of the DBZ awesome, I made my way over to a trailer that was parked in the middle of the south building exhibitors. Said mysterious trailer was advertising the upcoming spooky flick THE NUN.  The trailer offered fans a chance to step inside and take a terrifying photo with a dummy with an uncanny resemblance to the specter in the film, in a room surrounded with alters of candles. Additionally, visitors were given QR codes for a Snapchat filter that terrified the daylights out of me!

I then made my way through the floor and took my time browsing through the other exhibitors, taking the opportunity to play some Hearthstone, test out the upcoming Lego DC Super Villains game,  and make some exciting plans for my first full-day this year of the con on Friday.


As my first full day of the con for 2018, I was eager to start it off on an exciting note - with a coord I was eagerly waiting to finally wear! I had been planning this coord since it's pre-order, and was super excited for it's arrival. For my day one Lolita Coord I wore just about the cutest skirt I've ever seen. Titled "Bunny's Herbology" by the brand Yolanda, it features an adorable bunny rabbit wearing a tiny nurse's cap, with an incredibly detailed and sweet pattern. Additionally, I wore the matching head bow, paired with my My Melody purse and a cream colored cardigan.

We entered this day, too, through the North Building, but luckily did not experience any issues with getting in (zero crowd!) Even so, as we made our way up onto the exhibitor floor, we started noticing the broken down escalators, something that usually spells trouble when it comes to the arrival of Saturday, the busiest day of the con. It always hinders foot traffic, and can often cause a lot of jams to happen between the North and South building in the access bridge.  With that said, I made a mental note to just move over from building to building by going through the outside on Saturday. This small mental note, in the future, saved me A LOT of time.

After spending some time through the North Building show floor, and taking some peeks at celebrities that were currently in the signing area, we then made our way back downstairs in order to line up for the Rob Schneider panel. If you're just like me, you likely grew up on Rob Schneider films. Films like Hot Chick, The Water Boy, Deuce Bigalow, The Animal, 50 First Dates, and Little Nicky are staples in every comedy lovers collection. With that said, his panel was an absolute must.  Rob was HILARIOUS! His stories on shooting memorable scenes from all our favorite movies and hearing his experience in the business was entertaining and enlightening and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to listen to him speak in person.

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Following the panel, I made my way over to quickly visit The Hillywood show, snap some photos at the Simpson's and Teen Titans booths, and enjoyed the Pokemon statues at their temporary home in the South Building. Not long after, we took a small break to a local restaurant for dinner, before returning to the con and lining up for the day's most anticipated event - An Evening With the Cast of Back to the Future.

This was the first time I attended a panel or event in that particular room in the basement level. I've typically attended panels in the auditorium, where there's multiple levels of seating and a stage. In the case of Back to the Future, it was a series of several rooms, whose dividers had been pushed out of the way, to create on gigantic room. Even so, the visibility was sub-par, despite the screens. The hour long event breezed by extremely quickly, with some endearing comments and stories from Michael J. Fox, Christopher Llyod, Lea Thompson and Thomas Wilson (aka Marty, Doc, Lorraine and Biff). It was an enchanting evening with the cast! Even so, there was some issue with exiting the room as the exit was extremely small. Exiting the room took nearly 25 minutes.

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Saturday, to me, always feels like the simpler and easier day for me. I don't really understand why I experience it that way, considering it's the most populated, busiest, and craziest day of the con. Saturday is the day with the largest peak visitation, and it's filled with the most celebrity panels, autograph signings, photo-ops, and the food courts, seating areas, and bathrooms can be best described as hellish. Even so, over the years I've found ways to maneuver around the crowded areas, knowing precisely when certain buildings or areas will be less crowded,  and where to eat outside of the con.

I primarily took to navigating from building to building through the outside, exiting and re-entering on the opposite side (an easy 2-3 minute walk, as opposed to waiting in a hot and muggy tunnel for 15 minutes, in order to navigate between buildings). As I had predicted, congestion was high going up and down the escalators, as there were several that were down and being worked on in both buildings. Even so, I took advantage of the stairs, met up with some friends, and took some photos.

Saturday's Lolita Coord featured a far darker look as opposed to Friday's. I adorned my Sweety Honey Crazy Hospital JSK, featuring a print of comically dark doctor teddy bears and nurse bunny rabbits. I completed the look with my Black Angel lace gloves and bonnet. I absolutely loved this coord and couldn't wait to share it!

A decent portion of my Saturday surrounded my attending the Adventure Time panel, waiting around for photo ops, and checking out amazing cosplay. This year I chose to participate in two celebrity photo ops - Jason Momoa and Cary Elwes. They were two celebrities I couldn't pass up on meeting and snapping a photo with, so I eagerly waited for my turn in the long wait for Jason Momoa, and the surprisingly quick one for Cary Elwes.

Meeting Jason Momoa felt like a dream - literally. Upon entering the curtained area where the photo was being taken, I was immediately greeted by Jason and asked my name. That small moment with a quick exchange of words was very thrilling, and I'm very happy I got to meet THE KHAL DROGO, who also happens to me a very kick-ass Aquaman.  When it came to meeting Cary Elwes, it didn't quite feel real until he asked me my name in his iconic accent (a la Princess Bride, Ella Enchanted, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, etc). I posed, snapped the photo, and made my way out to pick up my photo, and it didn't quite kick in that I'd met WESLEY until I stared down at my printed photo. Being a HUGE fan of the film growing up, and many of the other films he's starred in since, it was quite the experience and one I will never forget.

All in all, Fan Expo Canada 2018 had an epic amount of ups, minus the snafus here and there due to technical issues, etc. Even so, it was an epic year I will never forget. I met two incredible actors who were genuine, wonderful, and kind, and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, talk to other guests with similar interests, and enjoy some seriously AMAZING cosplay!

Above and below you will find a collage of cosplay that truly lept out at me the moment I saw them. The time, skill, and dedication each of these cosplayers put into their pieces absolutely GLOWED when I saw them. Very well done!

Wendy's Geekish Haul:

  • Nya Nya Medicine T-shirt by Ocean in Space
  • Three Plush Charms From Trendy Not
  • DC Bombshells Black Canary - Black and White Fan Expo Exclusive
  • Elias Hot Topic Exclusive Funko POP (I can't remember the vendor, but I was shocked to find this fella on sale. He's an exclusive from a HT/Crunchyroll collab surprise box, with only  a small chance of receiving him in the box.)
  • DC Bombshells Mystery Mini - Black and White Chase Wonder Woman
  • Freebie - Fan Expo 2018 T-Shirt
  • Freebie - DBZ T-shirt, lanyard, cup, coaster, and manga snippet booklet
  • Freebie - Lego lanyard and tote bag
  • Freebie - Hearthstone enamel Pin
  • Star Wars Ice Mold, Mug and Porg Pin - from Fiancee's mystery box purchase
  • Vegeta DBZ Mug - from Fiancee's mystery box purchase

Fan Expo Canada 2018 - a total epic win!
Can't wait to see you all again at Toronto Comic Con in March 2019!

Happy Reading, Cupcakes!

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