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Review: Castle of Lies by Kiersi Burkhart

Thelia isn't in line to inherit the crown, 
but she's been raised to take power however she can.

by Kiersi Burkhart
Publisher: Carolrhoda
Format: Hardcover
Release Date: May 7th, 2019
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Thelia isn't in line to inherit the crown, but she's been raised to take power however she can. 

She's been friends with Princess Corene her whole life, and she's scheming to marry Bayled, the heir to the throne. But her plans must change when an army of elves invades the kingdom. Thelia, her cousin Parsival, and Corene become trapped in the castle. 

An elf warrior, Sapphire, may be Thelia's only hope of escape, but Sapphire has plans of their own. Meanwhile, an ancient magic is awakening within the castle, with the power to destroy the whole kingdom. 

Can Thelia find a way to protect her future--and her life?

Castle of Lies by Kiersi Burkhart was a book that immediately made it onto my want-list. It wasn't that pretty cover that beckoned me, but the synopsis promised something a little more different than your typical YA fantasy novel. It promised unique lead characters, a lesser curfuffle of lineages to keep track of (thank goodness!) and a promising twist of events that aren't typical for the genre. With that said, I was eager to read it, however upon my immediate inspection of the first chapter, I wasn't quite sure what I was diving into.

I walked into Castle of Lies by Kiersi Burkhart expecting magic, deception, action, and a power struggle. Instead, what I was given upon my first few moments of reading was an extremely immature and bothersome narrative. Thelia was lackluster, very immature and awful, and I couldn't shake off that this was to be the main lead of our tale. I set these thoughts aside, however, in hopes there'd be an important growth spurt for our heroine. Perhaps the epidemic she is faced with would help her grow, maybe the guiding hand of another main character would inspire her? Sadly, neither occurred. Additionally, although I greatly wished to find more to love about Sapphire, Parsifal, or Bayled, I sadly couldn't fall into their narrative, and found very little interest in their perspectives. Event-wise, Castle of Lies held a very promising story line that I felt, if better revisited and polished, could have shone bright like a YA fantasy diamond, however it just didn't hit the mark for me, and sadly it was something that happened immediately in the beginning chapters.

Castle of Lies by Kiersi Burkhart is definitely a title I strongly feel needs to be revisited. I walked into it believing I would love it, believing it would be an excellent YA fantasy with hopeful, inspiring characters that would win me over and have me praising their existence. I'm sad to say it just didn't hit any notes for me, high or low. Do I recommend Castle of Lies to other younger readers? I'd say definitely give it a try, because it could most definitely be the book for you, however if you're looking for a story you can invest your time in, I'd recommend reading elsewhere.

2 / 5 Cupcakes

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