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{Event Recap} - Anime North 2019

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It's that time of year again - it's CON TIME! And after kicking it off with my visit to Toronto Comic Con 2019 back in March (click here to read my recap and check out photos), I was more than eager for the arrival of Anime North 2019! This year the con kicked off on Friday May 24th and expanded into the weekend, ending on the Sunday evening. Per usual, this year I chose to visit on the first day of the con - Friday. As it's always the most chill of days to attend, and the easiest of days to pick up whatever merch you have your heart set on, I was ready to hop right into it.

Upon our arrival just before 4PM that afternoon, I was immediately mesmerized by all the cosplayers. Perhaps one of my favorite things to do during a con is bask in the artistic and creative masterpieces every cosplayer has painstakingly created through hard work and dedication. During this time, I came by several friends and stopped for a quick chat, and was also stopped for a few photos myself.

For this year's Anime North, I chose to attend in a fresh Gothic lolita co-ord. Below you can find the details on everything I'm wearing above. I absolutely loved this co-ord I put together, and was pleased to receive several compliments!

 My Look:
Bonnet - Black Angel
Gloves - Black Angel
JSK - Sweety Honey's Crazy Hospital
Overskirt - Qi-style Overlay by Sweet Dreamer
Blouse - Fanzy Fantasy Magic Starry Sky (long sleeve edition)
Parasol - Black frilled pagoda by Angel Clothing
Wig - Lush Wigs

As the con doors would only officially open to the public at 5PM, myself and company chose to spend time checking out all the amazing cosplay outside of the venue, grabbing a quick bite to eat from a restaurant nearby, and meeting up with friends if possible before making our way into the ever-growing line for entrance into the vendor's hall. I was disappointed to see that this year there wasn't much happening outside of the Toronto Congress Centre as there typically is. No sound stage and not nearly as many food stalls or vendors were present outside in the parking lot - pretty disappointing. I couldn't help but wonder if there was a specific reason for the lack of all the above. I rather enjoyed having several options for food outside the con last year, and enjoyed casually making my way outdoors for break and listening to the music outside on the sound stage.

The wait in line wasn't nearly as long as I've experienced in past years, and the weather this year was pleasant. It was good to attend the con on a day that wasn't either insanely hot/sunny or humid/rainy - it was wonderful!  Not long after getting into line, which surprisingly surpassed the side of the Toronto Congress Centre and made it's way into the other side of the parking lot, we slowly but surely started to make our way in. I estimate that the time it took us to enter the building from the initial moment we joined the line was about 10 minutes - not bad!

Upon entering the Toronto Congress Centre, I immediately made a dash over to one of my favorite booth's in the vendor's hall and one I visit first every time I attend Anime North - Twin Bells. Their table is usually fairly small and tucked away, however I absolutely adore browsing the doujinshi that they bring with them every year, and far prefer their table as opposed to other vendors at the con who also sell doujinshi. Their selection is always phenomenal and I always find myself wanting to buy EVERYTHING. This year, however, I restrained myself and purchased 8 of my absolutely favorites.

Not long after purchasing my doujinshi haul, stopping by Navito World to purchase some exciting new additions to my Nendoroid collection, and browsing along the vendor's hall and the Comic Market, it was officially time to make our way outdoors for another long but quick-paced line - Nominoichi! If you don't already know, Nominoichi is a fan run marketplace that only takes place on the first evening of the con. For a few hours fans are encouraged to reserve a table to sell their anime goods (both new and used). It's similar to a garage sale, though be wary because product has a habit of moving quick. This year I didn't find anything that truly caught my eye, however my fiance certainly did!

After a browsing/shopping Nominoichi, myself and company continued to browse the vendors/artist areas, partake in some archery, and enjoy the rest of the evening. I chose to abstain from attending panels this year as none caught my interest, however I did have an absolute blast just hanging out and enjoying the festivities. 

My Haul:

This year I chose to pick up several doujinshi from the TWIN BELLS booth, which always ends up being the very first booth I visit in the vendors hall. This year I picked up several doujin featuring my favourite Yuri on Ice, Amensia pairings, and also came across a Touken Ranbou Online, My Hero Academia, and a Supernatural one! Very excited doujin haul this year. I also caved and purchased a face mask, after seeing them for years at literally every con. I also picked up two Nendoroid blind boxes, and my latest addition to my Nendoroid collection - OTABEK ALTIN from Yuri on Ice! I'm a very, very happy anime fan!

Overall, this year was another great visit to Anime North. I was sad to see that not much was available outdoors for con attendees as there usually is, but I'm pleased to say I still had an absolute blast. I look forward to attending the con next year, and can't wait for this year's next upcoming con - FAN EXPO CANADA 2019!

Stay tuned, Cupcakes!

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