Monday, 3 June 2019

Review: #Awestruck by Sariah Wilson

A sweet all-American story of love and revenge.

by Sariah Wilson
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Format: Paperback
Release Date: January 8th, 2019
Purchase: [Amazon] [Chapters/Indigo]

Ambitious intern Ashton Bailey is about to get closer to her dream of being a sports announcer. All she has to do is prove that too-perfect-to-be-true NFL quarterback Evan Dawson isn’t quite as wholesome as his contract requires. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get delicious payback on the boy who broke her teenage heart. At least that’s her plan. But she forgot just how easy it is to crush on the irresistible charmer. #OhNoNotAgain.

Evan has a knack for getting through the opposing team’s defenses, and he won’t let this tall, redheaded knockout be the exception. He’s determined to make things right between them and earn back Ashton’s trust—and maybe her heart, too.

Then the press mistakenly announces their engagement, and Ashton and Evan find themselves going along with the lie. Now the whole world is watching as Ashton flirts with attraction and disaster. But while revenge is sweet, it just might come at the cost of something sweeter still.

*Climbs the tallest mountain, and with a deep breath, shouts out.....*


If you haven't heard, I'm in love with this series. It's my guilty pleasure, although I don't feel so guilty about sharing how much I've loved it thus far. It's addicting, it's steamy, the characters are scalding hot, and the emotional pull of Sariah Wilson's words is almost too much to handle....almost!

#Awestruck's protagonists Ashton and Evan have history, and it's complicated. Even so, Ashton aspires to be a renowned sports announcer. When the opportunity comes up to get payback on Evan, Ashton takes it and is willing to do whatever it takes to take the perfect-but not so perfect NFL quarterback down. Evan, however, sees this as an opportunity to win back Ashton's trust, and maybe her heart.

She wants revenge. He wants her. #gameon

#Awestruck was equal parts steamy and intense - wow! I was on the edge of my seat from the end of chapter 5, onward. I immediately loved Ashton and Evan. They were fierce and admirable on their own, but together they were unstoppable. Their story, their growth together, and their admiration for one another through every trial they encountered was an absolute wonder to enjoy. It's easily become on of my favorite titles in the #Lovestruck series, and one of my definite go-to's when I'm feeling under the weather.  So with that said, do I recommend #Awestruck by Sariah Wilson? HECK YES! And while your at it, take a read of #Moonstruck and #Starstruck. Each book in the series features characters that are equal parts steamy and interesting, and every tale is exciting, unique, and romantic. It's the perfect series to cozy up to on a rainy spring day, or share with your fellow book club members!

5 / 5 Cupcakes

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